Stefan Redtenbacher remains one of the most prominent composers, producers and all-round bass monsters in the UK.

Perhaps the most defining characteristic of Stefan Redtenbacher’s career to date is the fact he’s led his own band since 2005, something few bassists have attempted. Despite juggling the roles of writer, arranger, bassist and producer, the Funkestra’s sound has always had a strong emphasis on groove, anchored by Stefan’s disciplined approach to the bass. Onstage, he delivers the goods via a tried-and-tested set-up: “I’ve got an old Ampeg B15, an Aguilar DB750 and an Aguilar Tone Hammer 500. My main bass is a ‘70s Fender Jazz Bass, and sometimes I also use a Music Man Sterling.” The Time Thief features a wealth of the world’s finest horn players who have participated as special-guests. Pee Wee Ellis, Rick Margitza, Chris Hunter and Andy Snitzer have all signed up. Also onboard are Michael B Nelson’s Hornheads of Prince’s famed New Power Generation.

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