Redtenbacher’s Funkestra
The Time Thief

“Out-and-Out Spectacular Funk”
Released: October 2016
Featured Track: “Guilty”

Stefan Redtenbacher remains the consummate bass master, not forgetting his sizable talents as a writer, producer and arranger. While his technique and taste are impeccable, it’s his mighty groove capabilities and strengths as a bandleader that really shine on the Funkestra’s latest album. In fact, it’s these latter qualities that make The Time Thief a real joy to listen to, marking it out as a real ‘band’ record and not just a vehicle for some OTT bass chops. Having ploughed themselves a deep funk furrow on 2015’s Dr Hypenstein, the group have matured into a superslick funk machine that run riot with a whole world of syncopated grooves. Be it the vintage horn-honking strut of opener ‘Guilty’ or the electro head charge of ‘Funkie Moon’ – this is fantastic wall-to-wall funk. Bottling some of their slamming live energy, The Time Thief bounces along with hip-shaking ease without losing sight of a good tune or a powerful groove. While some funk bands labour under their influences, Redtenbacher’s Funkestra have used some deeply embedded ingredients to produce an album that’s dripping with slinky riffs and smooth new grooves. For more info visit: