Kat Bax has a distinguished CV, laying down the lines with Tricky and many others.

Don’t be fooled by the soft demeanour of Kat Bax. Her gentle nature might lead you to believe she is equally as delicate on the bass, but watching some live footage of her shredding through the rich catalogue of Tricky hits proves quite the contrary. Having acclimatised to the ‘godfather of trip-hop’s’ tireless work ethic, Kat is currently making a name for herself on the London music scene with the likes of John Ashby and J’danna. “I stopped playing with Tricky a couple of years ago,” says Kat. “I’ve been playing for different songwriters and doing a lot of free gigs, which has really broadened my horizons.” One subject that Kat is certainly not torn on is her gear. A long-time Lakland player, Kat takes great pride in the Darryl Jones Signature model that helps define her bass sound. “I stumbled across my Lakland in Sam Ash on Sunset Boulevard,” she tells us. “It’s been a real workhorse and has never let me down.” Equally impressive is Kat’s melodic appreciation, encapsulated in her beautifully wistful basslines. www.katbaxmusic.com