We get the low down on the Sei Flamboyant from John Chapman

Martin Petersen’s exquisitely crafted custom basses have been wowing bass players for more than 20 years. Working from a bassment beneath one of the best bass shops in the UK, Sei Bass was born from Martin’s own search for a playable and tonally versatile custom instrument, which ultimately led to the refinement of his own design. The Sei Flamboyant is a head-turner in every respect, with its slick flowing lines and dynamic curves. “I thought about the ergonomics of the instrument, about playability, about the way the instrument sits on my body, and of course, still playing at the time helped me to reach that shape,” Martin explains. Without question, a great deal of thought has been poured into the design of the current Sei Bass range, yet it would seem that Martin’s designs are always liable to be tinkered with if it improves the overall function of the instrument. “I have done some pretty mad things and I suppose being a custom maker you’ve got to do that from time to time. It’s exciting and it keeps things fresh; you have to rethink things a little bit but I enjoy coming up with different shapes, and finding solutions to different problems.” We caught up with luthier John Chapman who works alongside Martin in The Gallery workshop. Visit www.thebassgallery.com